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Guest Parking (Mopar friends)

This coulmn is for all the Mopar Cars where I have made contacts with in the past 20 years of doing this car club. I have met and made friends with people in over 10 Countries. I have contacts now in almost every state in the USA too. Click on the image below to view some of my friends around the planet that love Mopars like me and you too! I have just created this special page August 29 2022. I will update this as I can, with a world wide base of Mopar contacts I have a few Mopars to show off! This image below is of my dear friends when they both were in Michigan, Dave Wise of MMC Detroit whom I met through his contact that too when I formed this car club, Marc had some terrific Mopars also and actually worked for Ma' Mopar then. Like Dave and Marc, people like Bob Riggles with the HEMI Under Glass I have made friends with too. I will be posting man Mopars you have seen over the years here in this column. For now hoover over my GTX and GTS you will view a few Guests now. UPDATED 8-29-2022 8:27PM

Chip's Garage Page

MoparMax This page is for my friend down in Florida that like me owns a 1969 Plymouth four-speed GTX. Chip and my cousin do videos regularly called "Chip's Garage". Click the GTX to head on over to the garage. Tell Chip that Smilin'Ed sent you! I know Chip is always looking for cool Mopars to feature.The GTX links you to You Tube for Chip's Garage, below clicking on Chip's actual garage you can view a video of Chip and my cousin Steve covering that beautiful red 1969 Plymouth GTX.

Christine - 1958 Plymouth

Christine is the Famous movie car! I got to meet Mr. Bill Gibson (the owner of Christine) a 1958 Plymouth Fury with dual quads with a 350 cubic inch motor. Yes, that is correct, a 350 cubic inch engine that Ma' Mopar put in these cars. While Bill and Christine were here in Las Vegas at the Circus Circus Hotel during Halloween of 2015, I Smilin' Ed actually got to sit in Christine! You must watch the movie if you have not done so. Anyone that knows me since I have owned my 1968 Dart that I call "KRISSY". I actually named my car after this car. My KRISSY has been known to act out. I have never named a car until my 1968 Dart. I tell everyone when I show off my Dart "KRISSY" that she is a cousin to "Christine". Click Christine's image to head to Christine's website. Thank you Bill, and Christine. Click Christine above and you will be taken away! Don't say I didn't warn you..!