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The R/T Garage

Troy, having an NHRA history in drag racing, as well as restorations, with some of the biggest and well known Collectors.

Laura, having a muscle car background, owning some large Mopar Collections, was a perfect match, to keeping the Mopar hobby alive!

Troy Martinson also provides the ultimate experience in performance and run ability! 
Which makes sense, he would be the inventor of the REV-N-NATOR Ignition. The REV-N-NATOR ICU- Named #1 Top After Market Product by Mopar Collectors Guide Magazine.
 This one of a kind, Mopar specific hp Ignition, offers new digital rev limiting protection, adding huge hp gains over any stock box, including Chrome. 
Averaging more hp and torque than the leading after market hp ignition systems, with the convenience of a Plug n' Play  and  Mopar purist, stock appearing, good looks!
Whether you have a stock 318 or 605 CI ground pounding Hemi, the Rev-n-nator is the perfect choice.   Made in USA  3 Yr Warranty
Endorsed by well respected F.A.S.T Class members, high end engine builders and Mopar owners world wide. The Complete Ignition Package availableThe R/T Garage...The one stop shop, for all your Mopar needs! Click R/T Garage logo below for website. Email Troy or Laura at R/T Garage click envelope. You can call them too! Phone: 612.327.6722 & 952.356.4969

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Laura's featured RT Garage Mopar Calendar is now available for 2017!  Click on Laura with the Air Grabber Pose to take you to her link for payment.
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By Clicking on Troy's REV-N-NATOR (ECU) a full article is featured by "Hot Rod" for even more on what this Electornic Control Module will do for your motor. The article is in .pdf format as the link was difficult to navigate on their page. Click on the Distributor & Coil for more links and information also.

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