This month's Mopar is a 1970 road runner. Robert is a new member in the club. Robert grew up in northeastern Ohio during the 70s & 80s. A lot of our parents worked at the Chrysler plant. I remember the first time I saw a Dodge Charger, a Plymouth Roadrunner etc. as a child those memories stuck and eventually turned into dreams. Those dreams stayed in my heart through some good times and some very bad times. I always said "some day" I'll own a Roadrunner !!!
I never knew "how" I would get one, I only knew "somehow" and "someday" , that was good enough for me to hang on to the dream.
Well, after many years with a childhood dream tucked way back in my mind somewhere it finally came true.
My Roadrunner is a 1970 Roadrunner hardtop, 383, automatic pushing about 450hp.
The car was sold in North Carolina in 1970, the original owner put 47,800 gentle miles on it and parked it under his carport in 1978 under two large tarps. He kept it dry & rust free and never drove it again. Then in 2008 he fell ill and sold it to his car collecting neighbor.
Over the last 6 years this bird was treated to a full rotisserie restoration.
At 47,800 original miles the restoration took place using all the original drive train and everything that could be re used was used. Any parts that couldn't were saved in boxes. The original lemon twist yellow was replaced with the turquoise blue you see today. The seats, headliner & door panels were changed to white. AC was added during the restoration as well. The rear shocks were re mounted on the inside of the leaf springs to accommodate the Larger tires to give this car the attitude that some only dream of.
The odometer reads 25 miles since full restoration.
It's a 9 out of 10 and brand new everywhere !
This is a story about a beautiful classic muscle car and a kid from Ohio who held onto a dream

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The club will be holding our 1st meeting at CarQuest Auto by Nellis AFB on Jan 28th. I have a flyer you can click on in the next column. I hope to see some cool Mopars in our club there. CarQuest will be one of our 4 locations around Vegas where we will rotate in the coming months.

Our January Mopar is owned by a new member and all you have to do is click on the bird to see the photos of Robert's bird. Robert is a new member to the club too. Welcome!

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I formed this club in July 2002 with the idea I just wanted a few more cool Mopars to park my 1969 GTX by. Over the years this club has grown to be known in many states, and also other parts of the world. As of this date we have 367 vehicles and 228 members in our club and we continue to keep growing! We have very simple rules in our club with no dues. If you think you want to be a part of us simply contact me. I will be more than happy to send you the club rules to become a part of this "Private Club". Thank you, and enjoy our Mopars! We do!

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