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The Feature Mopar this month is a 1970 Charger R/T. Jimmy is a new member and here is his story: The story behind the photo: We bought this car around December of 2013. Me and my pops picked her up from Malibu California and trailed her back here. My pops actually fell in love with this car in 1970 but could never actually afford it. Now times are better and he splurged in picking up his dream car. The car is a 70 R/T that was originally orange with the 4 barrel but was painted black and converted to with the 6 pack. The full resto was done around 2001 and the car was completely transformed. We bought it as it sits today pretty much aside from "Doug at Moparts of Las Vegas" did a full build on the engine and tranny. The car underwent a full build from aluminum heads, TTI headers, msd ignition, msd distibutor, new cam, new crank, bore, pistons, valve covers, etc etc etc etc. The car is absolutely amazing now and we gained a substantial amount of hp compared to where it was initially. This is definitely not a trailer queen in our family and we plan to use it on a weekly basis. My pops and I are extremely excited to start putting some serious miles on her and enjoying it as it should be used. As of now we don't have many plans for other work to do but that will probably change soon. Hope you enjoy some of the pictures and we will see you at some of the future meets.ones.  I hope to see some of you there.

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"Five Star Productions" DVD's are now on sale!

"Five Star Productions" and friend of your President has his final DVD's produced. Be sure to click on image above to order your copy now. Your Mopar might just be on the Video! I worked for John at MATS and had a blast taping what I could of some of the coolest Mopars that caught my eyes. My daughter took hundreds of photos for John too. Thanks to Phil and Jill Painter and John allowing us to help show the planet some cool Mopars! Smilin' Ed Yes, that's my 1969 GTX out on the Autocross too! I had a member, my son and daughter document me beating on this car I have now owned for 36 years! Driving in the snow in New York teaches one how to drive with oversteer! I would not have it any other way! Nothing like it.

The club is quickly going into summer hiding from the desert heat! I will see what I can do about hooking the club up for a meeting this month. Smilin' Ed
Smilin' Ed News (President)

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Club website photos are in Adobe Flash be sure your Browser has Adobe Flash to view the cool Mopars on our site. Link on photo pages if needed.

Mopar of the month is a 1970 Charger R/T with a 440 6bbl. I just posted the other photos under the FEATURE VEHICLE. Please check out.

I formed this club in July 2002 with the idea I just wanted a few more cool Mopars to park my 1969 GTX beside. Over the years this club has grown to be known in many states, and also other parts of the world. I have very simple rules in our club with no dues. If you think you want to be a part of us simply contact me. I will be more than happy to send you the club rules to become a part of this "Private Club". Thank you, and enjoy our Mopars! We do! I am Smilin' Ed the President.

Click my (Dash / Headlight) button below to view Smilin' Ed's personal page where I have photos of my 1969 Plymouth GTX and " KRISSY", my 1968 Dodge Dart GTS Convertible. (clone) You can Email me too with the Envelope.