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In the fall of 1969 my friend Harry and I hopped on our bicycles and picked up one of every 1970 car sales brochure from every dealership in town.  Included was the 1970 Imperial brochure.  As I looked through it, I discovered that the Imperial had things like hidden headlights, and a pillow built into the C-pillar.  Given that my parents were driving a 1963 Valiant wagon at the time, I figured the Imperial was pretty much the ultimate, and I was going to have one someday.

Fast forward to the year 2000.  I was driving my '66 Town & Country home to Denver from a show in Detroit with a seized A/C compressor.  I pulled off the highway in Iowa to cool off in a combination McDonalds/convenience store, and bought an Auto
Trader to read while I ate.  Inside was what appeared to be an original 1969 Imperial LeBaron with 50,000 actual miles.  It was the last thing I needed, but I didn't throw the AutoTrader away, and a few days after I got home, I called.

The Imperial was a one-owner car, purchased new in the Chicago area by a man who worked commercial construction in downtown Chicago.  In April of 1969 he was on a construction project and saw an Imperial go by.  He asked everybody what it was, and nobody knew.  From his vantage point he could see they were going around the block, so he scrambled down from the building and watched it go by.  That night he took his 1959 Ford Custom 300 4-door sedan and traded it for a brand new Imperial.  He paid $9 over sticker of $7,560 for the car, but they allowed him $1,570 for the Ford.  He retired soon after he bought the Imperial and spent winters in Florida.  The Imperial was his "trip car" to Florida, so it never spent winters in Chicago.

I bought the car from his son in September 2000 after the original owner passed away.  I flew to Wisconsin from Denver, and drove the car back across the country.  The 1969 Imperials came with the base 440, Torqueflite transmission, power steering, brakes and windows, among other things.  This car is additionally equipped with full leather upholstery, Auto Temp air conditioner/heater, AM/FM radio and automatic speed control, among other things.

Since I've had the car, I've done very little mechanically (the occasional alternator and a wiper motor being the biggest items).  I did ultimately decide to have the car painted and the vinyl top replaced.  The LeBarons tend to rust under the vinyl top below the rear window, and I had some questions about its condition.  All ended up being fine, however.  The car sports its original drive train and interior.

I've put quite a few miles on the car through my 15 years of ownership (about 2,000 miles/year).  While not the fastest application for a 440, it'll pull away from a stop sign with authority, I haven't found a hill that will slow it down, and when you arrive from a long drive, you're still rested and refreshed!

The one with the Kingman sign was the start of a trip to Chicago more or less following Rte. 66.  The picture where the car is parked in front of a house was taken outside of Chicago in front of the house where the original owner lived when he bought the car.  The picture on the concrete slab is what is left of the showroom floor at the dealership where the car was purchased.

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