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This month's Mopar is Miguel's tribute 1967 Dodge R/T. I bought the car around 8 years ago from my friend John. Since I got the car I knew it was gonna be transformed as an R/T and start buying all the trim. The hardest parts to find was the hood scoop louvers and the grill center piece. All resurrection work was done in my Shop by Me and my best friend "Gus". Only the paint was done by my friend Victor at his shop. And of course it's got a Hemi ... 331  it is, 727 Trans, 8 3/4 Diff, sure grip and 2.94 gears.

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Club Meeting December 3rd over at our friends at Car Quest Auto Parts near Nellis AFB. Click the flyer below to enlarge. I hope members will come support a local business that supports our members and our club. After the club meeting I plan on having members follow along for a quick cruise, then we will stop by another local business owners yard MO-PARTS of Las Vegas to look at Doug's cars. Please contact me if you can attend. Smilin' Ed

Rail Road Pass Casino is now friends of our club too. A member Scott Robinson also helps the casino out with their new addition to showcase great classic cars and motorcycles there. Our club is welcome to shows the casino has there Sunday's too. Please click the logos for more information. Scott has told me that members can show up and begin to have your own SWAP Meet there too! You might be able to find, or sell some of your stuff there! A thanks goes out to Joe and Scott from Rail Road Pass Casino!

Clicking our club logo below you can now view a newly created photo gallery. It has been a long time since I have been able to create an easy uploaded photo gallery. This was the members that showed up down at Rail Road Pass Casino. Smilin' EdBirthday Bash Register

Valley of Fire 2015

Las Vegas Cruisin' Assocation, Nostalgia Street Rods, and Timbers are friends of our club. We support these great local places and invite you to visit their websites too! Just click on the logos to the links.Smilin' Ed

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The club is holding a meeting in December at Car Quest Auto Parts. See my flyer in next column.

A-body club members please email me your current photos of your Mopar. I will begin updating EVERY photo on the website beginning with your body style. I just found a plug in to show off our photos.

This Month is the first month I am trying my new photo gallery. It should show the images on your smartphone too. Try clicking on the R/T or the club logo under. "FEATURE VEHICLE" column. I just updated the photos.

I formed this club in July 2002 with the idea I just wanted a few more cool Mopars to park my 1969 GTX by. Over the years this club has grown to be known in many states, and also other parts of the world. As of this date we have 367 vehicles and 228 members in our club and we continue to keep growing! We have very simple rules in our club with no dues. If you think you want to be a part of us simply contact me. I will be more than happy to send you the club rules to become a part of this "Private Club". Thank you, and enjoy our Mopars! We do!

Click my (Dash / Headlight) button below to view Smilin' Ed's personal page where I have photos of my 1969 Plymouth GTX and " KRISSY", my 1968 Dodge Dart GTS Convertible. (clone) You can Email me too with the Envelope. AND... Sit down for those that know me! I have added yes, a Facebook icon for the club's Facebook. Click on it and it's my Smilin' Ed page. If you just need to do Facebook go on out and send me a request and when I get to it I will accept you as a friend if I know you. It is always best to just email me if anyone really wishes to reach me.