E-Body Mopars

These Mopars are body styles produced by Dodge and Plymouth commonly known as 'cuda, Barracuda, Challenger, AAR 'cuda, T/A Challenger. Ma' Mopar built these very cool cars during a period in time that even today is true to the test of time! They came with 6 cylinders all the way to the mighty elephant "Hemi" and Six Pack carbs with a 340 and 440 engine. Pistol Grip (four-speeds), Slap Sticks, Shaker Hoods. When you see these cars in our club I am very proud to say these owners are part of our American History in the automotive era. Be sure to click on the flashing logo below to see the pictures. All photos are in the "FLASH" format, so your browser will need to be up to date with "FLASH" to view the images. Once you get the photos to display, be sure to look for the "Play" buttons in the lower right corner or select each photo by putting your mouse over a photo bubble.